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UnFreeZe Game Servers FAQ - ReadME First

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-I can not call votes at the servers, why is callvote disabled?

callvote is for clan/private alike servers where everybody is on the same (or almost same) page and there's no many differences/rotation between its players not for big public servers where everybody come from different places, things and even games and at different times, in the long run, it's a well proven fact that it just doesn't work. public servers just work the way they work or they don't and then things change and get fixed permanently and for everybody. if you want to vote you can do it for different things in the polls sub-forum you have here.

-hey wait, how it comes I've got team switched, WTF?

yes, since the server is actually a very popular public server literally having dozens of connections/disconnections per game some sort of automatic server side team balancing had to be added to account for this fact as is not even reasonable to expect players to arrange for such changes themselves.

-now my nick does not work anymore, how is that?

well, first of all consider that the nicks supported here are plain Quake III Arena style nicks so there's no support for any other mods fancy alike nicks, keep that in mind. besides that for security reasons nicks can not start with a space neither end in a space or a circumflex or a comma nor have any consecutive spaces or commas and must be unique and not exceed 35 characters of length including any in-game coding. in addition know that there's also a bunch of registered as well as forbidden nicks.

-registered nicks eh, but what are the conditions and how can I get mine registered?

to be eligible to register a nick first you must be a notable player regularly active at the servers and there must be if not a reason already, at least a strong likelihood that you get fake nicked/impersonated. in addition there's no a specific rule but registered nicks must be relatively significant overall both in meaning and in length as the registration includes basic squat protection. if you feel like you meet the criteria and want to get yours registered you can just ask for it on the forum or simply contact me directly about it.

-btw wondering what's your in-game nick/it's rumored that you're "life", are you?

no, I'm not that "life" guy and I'm neither any of the other near zero/ultra-low pingers at the server. in fact, for any matters unrelated to development/testing/control I'm not even allowed to join the servers at all as that would bias me and consequently it would make me a invalid figure to manage this place. the only way to contact me/reach me is trough this site alone.

-the teams are way unbalanced/the scoreboard is broken/the server is not tracking clicks at the end of the game?

please to fix that and other problems install the UnFreeZe Client gamemod, you can get it just by downloading this ioq3v6-unfreeze-client-v20.5.zip package. you have more info about it and its official documentation on this thread here.

-the ioQ3v6 UnFreeZe client package I've just downloaded does not work, it prints some broken graphics/textures?

that's because it failed to find the file containing the original Quake III Arena assets, you need to copy yourself such file (pak0.pk3) into the baseq3 folder inside the package you've just downloaded for it to find it. you can find such file inside your original Quake III Arena cd or hard disk installation path.

-good but, besides, what are the differences between all these ioQ3v6 versions?

in general terms, the "legacy" ioQ3v6 versions are optimized to make the most out of 2005-2010 pcs, the "lowend" versions of 2010-2015 low-power pcs and the "regular" ones of 2015-2020 pcs. the "intel" windows only version is optimimzed for modern high-end intel based computers.

-there's some easy way to configure the game with a bit more advanced settings?

sure if you got the UnFreeZe client probably you can also give a try at the command "\exec hardcore" to see if that suits your needs better and then simply go from there getting the game to your liking.

-ops I think these "hardcore" settings are just way too much for me, how can I set the game back?

you can simply revert back to the "standard" (a.k.a. default) settings with the embedded "\exec standard" console command or by issuing a "restore defaults" from the in-game main menu options menu.

-how it comes the servers appear several times at the in-game browser, what's wrong?

that's it because they are accessible through various locations or networks. those are not toxic fake/ghost servers just of the very same server, they are different physical routes (i.e. servers) or protocols (in the case of ipv6) and therefor each of them provide a different connection quality to everyone and that's why they are made public so you can chose which one works best for you.

-get it, but how can I distinguish between them and which one should I chose?

as they are actual different physical routes they will most likely print different ping values at the in-game browser for most of the people so that's a quick way to distinguish and pick one of them. besides, the ipv6 version of the servers, if available for you, can be distinguish by the protocol column (IP4 or IP6) and the last column (n1, n2 at the moment) denotes the route (nbg1 or nbg2). additionally once connected the server will print its actual ip on your console to reassure you of what you picked. as a general generic recommendation typically the ipv6 use to be the best option if available and unless there's a significant difference (i.e. +2/3 ms) or other way you experience degraded connectivity the nbg1 route should be preferred.

-there's also some network settings I must change here to get better connectivity?

NO and strictly no. the network configuration of the clients is pretty much automatic (server enforced) here and although you could still possibly force it client side to some extend to something else, this is strongly discouraged, as server's settings are basically configured for "unlimited" performance since in nowadays networks there's no need to limit them anymore. bottom line here as a well proven statement I can tell you that if the server doesn't work "as is" for you then that's the best the server can do for you, you're not going to do anything better than that by messing with those settings yourself if not the contrary.

-does the provided package work on mac?

no, unfortunately there's no official mac support, though, you probably can just follow the package instructions and drop a quake3-1.32c mac binary (or any other working macos Quake III Arena binary of your choice) at the root of the installation and it should probably just work from there to some extend. in addition, feel free to share your results and experience running the game on a macos with other users on this forum.

-I do not like your game client, what can I do?

do not use it, you don't have to, it's optional (although highly recommended) so feel free to use anything else and if you dislike it for an actual reason feel free to post it at the forum or contact me about it and I'm not committing to anything with this but at least I'll have a look at your issue.

-good, I'm not using your game client, is there some way to get the teamoverlay working?

yes, the original teamoverlay code in Quake III Arena was broken so I modified which means that it stopped working "as-is" for people not using the provided files. anyways those who opted to use their own files probably will still be able to enable such functionality with the following sample console commands:

Code: Select all

\setu teamoverlay2 ""
\cg_drawteamoverlay 1
\teamoverlay2 1
-ok, and what's about that weird warning message that prints every time a map loads?

that warning indicates that your files failed to match against those in the server's clean files database. although for compatibility purposes as well as just pure fun/joy and basically freedom the server allows custom installations to run, it's strongly recommended at least to stick to well-known/verified files for security as well as trust reasons, specially if you're kind of a top player. also is important to note about this kind of installations that you're on your own, I do not offer support beyond the official clean UnFreeZe installations.

-but is there some way to know what files are in that database and how can I get my files added?

you can probably browse and download what's in the server's clean database at this address here. unless I missed something, the files on that link (including sub-folders) as well as all the files officially released/published at the site (obviously) should be all. additionally if you feel like you're specially missing something in particular or simply want to get a custom file of yours verified/added you can do so by contacting me about or just dropping a message about it at the forum and I would typically add it provided that is relevant enough.

-I would like to learn more about Quake III Arena settings and configuration, is there some good guides around?

sure you have the "Quake 3 Configuration Guide" by our well know member tar you can read here. in addition there's also a specific sub-forum here you can use to discus your settings and/or ask for advice from other players.

-I do not like the map the server loaded/I can not join, the server is full?

that's the reason why you have UnFreeZe and FreeFUn (a.k.a. UnFreeZe:27961/UnFreeZe II) so you always have a alternative between two maps (well or almost, there's still some probability that both servers load the same map at the time but I guess that most of the time they will not) and also to meet the players load demand as 22 slots per server is actually the very max for this particular gameplay.

-do these servers run any custom maps/what happened with UnFreeZe2?

like it or not, Quake III Arena comes with the assets it comes and while it's true that they can be expanded this has always been proven very troublesome for a large number of reasons. yes, UnFreeZe2 (a.k.a. FreeFUn) used to run custom maps from time to time and there's a reason why it stopped running them. because of that the "mainstream" (top) servers will always stick to standard Quake III Arena maps and to satisfy the demand for other maps a new independent server named "glacius" has been created. people typically meet to play there Sunday evenings so make sure to check it out next time and don't miss the fun.

-what about the server rules?

I'll try to be more specific on a dedicated topic but well let's see, I believe that by now we're adult persons dealing with other adult persons, so in short, the rule of thumb here is just common sense, to be honest that's all. respect and you'll be respected and that includes me and the servers, if you don't like me, the servers or the other players then I, the servers or the other players won't like you either, logic isn't it, what else did you expect, at the end of the day I don't even know what you were here for if you didn't, that's all.

-the in-game chat just doesn't work, what's going on?

the most likely is that you simply were chat banned due to chat misuse.

-ok so I've got banned, what now?

well you can always appeal it/talk it out on this same forum in a reasonable amount of time after you got the ban and most of the times unless you did something really stupid we should of be able to reach an understanding and typically get your ban removed within some days or a couple of weeks at most. however keep in mind that such procedure is exceptional and not guarantee and that once you had to be banned, you're forever a very strong candidate for a permanent ban, consequently be smart and always try to avoid to have to get banned in the first place. stay safe and behave.

-what the hell, I haven't done anything, in fact, I haven't even connected yet I'm getting banned anyways, what's the problem?

as the number of bans is actually large and complex it may be possible that under some exceptional circumstances the ban system misidentified you by someone else that happened to be banned. I regularly review the servers for such issues from time to time however in case I missed something just let me know and I should typically be able to fix it within the day. additionally to minimize the risk that this happens to you make sure that you aren't using a shared connection/installment/cfg/nick.

-what about the servers files/do you offer admin support?

specifically if by admin support you really mean "hey I think I like this thing you do how can I copy it" I can say that in short, no, I do not offer admin support. simple, sure, I'm in for people who enjoy experimenting and enhancing the game and, in general, simply people who adds something, not for people that pretty much have no other meaning beyond replace this. as for the server files, no, at the moment all the servers related stuff is private and to be honest there's really no plans for a future public release here either, sorry about that.

-not really, I was only looking forward some local training to step up my game, is there some way?

of course, if you're using the previously provided inside mod, just doing "\exec training1" or "\exec training2" on your console will get you into a local training session where to develop your skills. in addition at the in-game browser you have such training sessions available on-line so you can train with other players too.

-is there some way to financially support the servers?

of course, you can freely send me any money you want/can for the servers here.

-do you guys also host some competitions/tournaments here?

yes, we typically look forward to run a cup or two a year among us. you can have more info on its appropriate sub-forum here then check that out and feel free to join.

-why I don't appear ranked and/or get awarded at the stats sites?

in a effort to avoid exploitative gaming there are several minimum activity criteria you must meet to get ranked/awarded.

-I can not register here/I contacted you and you never answered me?

make sure to enter a valid email and look on your email "spam"/"junk" or similar folder.

-do you guys have a discord channel?

yes we do, our dear member KOTOVSKI run one discord channel you can access here. in addition if you just want to have a quick chat you can probably also visit the webchat on this forum here.

-I think I need further help?

feel free to start your own topic with your issue or if not you can contact me directly on this form here.