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Re: IlM

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Hope some group of ppl do not revive the Ku-klux-clan ;)

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Re: IlM

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fernandinho1337 wrote:
Tue Mar 09, 2021 16:12
this clan thingy is really interesting to watch. this community will revive quake 3 - already 3 clans - if we keep going we will have 4on4 tournaments instead of 1on1.

and now the serious part: also 2on2s or 3on3s could be feasible depending on the mode and if more ppl keep coming up to play in organized ways i can imagine that happening.
I think it is a good point for adminless. If adminless supports it, but does not want to organize it himself, I can try to give this idea a start.
My suggestion is to make a list of players who want to participate and somehow distribute them on teams based on rating. May be make a restriction - you can participate if you score more than 1.5 per minute.

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Re: IlM

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as said the fact that I won't be a regular team fight organizer it doesn't take away from the fact that I can also setup from time to time some special event like the one ongoing now and similar stuff here so we'll see. by now the plan is setup and make that that team UnFreeZe vs team community challenge happen and then in some months resume with another masters cup spring/summer edition.