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fpsclasico.de quakelive server

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ok with some months of delay but I finally replaced the extinct Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory server with a quakelive one. at the moment the server is pretty much just standard theatreofpain dedicated clan arena server, no fancy/custom stuff. currently the server is 24/7 one map, theatreofpain, only dedicated, the intention is to rotate it from "time to time", let's say each some weeks/monthly, to other maps if there's enough interest. also in the future if things get going here it can be possible to tune this a bit further and as usual if on the other hand it doesn't it's likely to be replaced by something else.

so that's it, I feel like this should do the job by now, check it out and feel free to drop here (as well as on this sub-forum) your suggestions/requests for this server or just anything else you want to talk about it.

Server Information: https://qlstats.net/server/