Miroslav vs .WhoAmI?! superfight showdown

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Re: Miroslav vs .WhoAmI?! superfight showdown

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Re: Miroslav vs .WhoAmI?! superfight showdown

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adminless wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:29
np yes they were good games. ok the vids just finished uploading this night so here they are, please enjoy :)

@.WhoAmI?! btw now that I spected you I got the impression that your lag issues can probably be caused by a third party program running on the background, like may be a antivirus or something like that. I can't tell for sure, but if you have one I would advise you to close it/uninstall it, specially if it's one of those proprietary/shareware ones, as well as clean up as much as possible your background processes when playing, like search assistants. that's my best bet, I don't think it's a network issue.
Great games gentlemen, was a joy to watch, you two are both beasts! The dm68 for the first game errors out for me, so thank you adminless for posting the videos.

As far as his lags not being a network issue... as I've found out from him, the internet to his house is delivered over radio - the last kilometer is carrying signal over an antenna. He had a stable connection until it was recently upgraded by the ISP to higher signal antenna (more bandwidth), since that time the signal is lagging as you could see. Fiber is coming next year, but that's a long time.

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Re: Miroslav vs .WhoAmI?! superfight showdown

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Very nice games... much thanks for posting them also on youtube. This is very convinient :)
I am a bit suprised that WTF did not use rail gun more often. He is pretty much the rail gun expert ever since ... (*just watch statistics)