how to force OSP or any other mod

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how to force OSP or any other mod

Post by fernandinho1337 »


i was experimenting with mods again.
is it possible to force a mod?

i have my q3 folder with following sub folders:

whenever i connect to an unfreeze server it loads baseq3.
i thought about renaming osp mod to unfreeze. but then i do not have full osp options that I used to have (even when playing unfreeze).
is there a trick how i can do it?

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Re: how to force OSP or any other mod

Post by adminless »

you right, the "proper" (i.e. unrecommended/unsupported but that "works", to some extent) way to do that is simply install your mod in the UnFreeZe folder as you did. as to why now is different as before, it's harder to tell, there can be several reasons, among them, first some osp features are server side therefor as the server is not osp they won't work, second it's very likely that you had more pk3s interfering and that you removed and third and final it's also possible that you just remember wrong or even that you misinstalled osp now, who knows there could be several reasons.