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Re: Vasten

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This thread is nonsense let him. Play , all of you score high enuf so what's problem

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Re: Vasten

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adminless wrote:
Tue May 25, 2021 17:27
to the best of my knowledge (i.e. unless I've made a mistake/missed something) the server actually ignores any kind of regular Quake III Arena settings so unless he is generating the lags trough special/advanced means (which I don't think is the case) it's why I'm telling you that most likely than not he just legit lags. to me he just looks like a random kid that probably doesn't even understand English yet playing from the lowest end mobile connection commercially available with a expired data plan, no good. if the problem escalates so much I probably can just ban him for a couple of days and see if by we can get some more information with that.
What I remember, if I changed some of the mentioned params (rate or snaps, not sure), I have got a much better ping, but others start to complain on me warping. But frankly I am not sure what one and it is relatively long time ago (but here on Unfreeze). I will try some changes to see what happens.

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Re: Vasten

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try but even if you were to make any difference (which I doubt but let's say on normal circumstances) it would never be as bad/extreme as your putting it. you can have as example semisek which from time to time (somehow regularly and sometimes even at major events) also lags that bad and we know for a fact he ain't doing it on purpose/doesn't have any kind of shitty settings/installation but his connection is just that bad. I can tell you for a fact (again to the best of my knowledge) that kind of lag (+200 ms ping extreme packet loss/wrapping) can only be accomplished through isp grade means (i.e. as said a expired data plan for example will behave like that as well as poor rooting/uplinks or congested antennas on the isp end) and/or completely broken hardware which I understand are very possible but outside the repertoire of the usual random player (i.e just the "normal" settings as you're putting it). it would also be interesting to see how his connection turns out on day one when the data cycle generally resets.