fake cacahuete

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fake cacahuete

Post by oKo*Magister »

So I just joined unfreeze and saw player named oKo*cacahuuete. Asked caca if it's him but it's not. Just a fake player. Also he misspelled his nickname. Can you do something with it, Adminless?
Also can you send history of his nicknames?

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Re: fake cacahuete

Post by YORELito »

yes, not me,
i dont see the point of supplant anyone, but... i prefer to clarify that its not me.
thank you for the report!

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Re: fake cacahuete

Post by adminless »

that's this Slug guy here and this is his nick history so far:

Code: Select all

      1 BladeRunner
      3 Blaze
      3 Lltvin
      4 oKo*cacahuuete
     14 Bosota
     16 l3ladeRunner
     17 [LoH]BlazeAutoshoter
     18 >FU<Princes
     21 BlazeAutoshoter
     39 a
    498 UnnamedPlayer
    898 Slug
i.e. he is indeed a fake nicker (at least in recent times), probably not the worse a offender but a fake nicker nevertheless. probably cachuete could get his nick registered but that doesn't include misspell like that so I don't know may be I could nick ban him too given the case. thanks for report.