Alexis bad behavior on Freefun server

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Alexis bad behavior on Freefun server

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Bad behavior insulting me. today 10 of december at 18:00pm more or less.
User: Alexis

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Re: Alexis bad behavior on Freefun server

Post by adminless »

yes I see you had a (brief) disagreement with a random newbie this evening for around five minutes. that being said and while not trying to undermine the seriousness of the issue at the same time I also conducted a full look up on his history and no serious threats have been spotted so far, I mean, he even barely played here. taking that in consideration I think it's not so good to ban random newbies just like that in five minutes without even giving them a fair chance to develop the game just because they ran into a particular disagreement with a particular user at a particular given time. in light of that, I'd honestly find to absolutely ban the shit of this guy so he isn't even be able to connect here a-n-y-m-o-r-e, as you called it in-game, lacking on proportion and basically vicious as well as abusive in essence. consequently I think that by now I'll take good note of this incident and I'll leave it as a serious warning waiting for more input and further monitoring. thanks for report.