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do you think player Dvinci deserves to be banned?

Poll ended at Fri Jun 19, 2020 21:50

yes, but only chat banned
no, he is just fine
Total votes: 10

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Re: Dvinci

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Dvinci wrote:
Thu May 21, 2020 3:40
Once wtf sends me the clip I’ll post it. I’m POSITIVE ON IT. I was on a thaw and got blasted away I turned around and it was you. When the unfreeze happened I repeatedly shot you for a few seconds, you messgaed me calling me a noob, and told you you are a fragger and stealing thaws and I’m not a noob
You then said I’ll get reported and banned and you were here first I then said to you that I was in the lobby years before you and you laughed and said more stuff about getting me banned. I never once shot you again. And the conversation you kept trying to have with me I kept reapondibg to stop taddling and to shut up talking to me. Conversation ended
The game continued
No more issue until I wake up and see your sorry self telling on me and having the NERVE. To say I was shooting other teamates which I never did. And was harassing other players which I did not. You are out of your mind truly and the clip can’t get here fast enough and to be more honest I sure hope when I get this proof that you get banned for lying. And moving forward I will be recording all of my games so that this issue NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

Div you complain far to much and start insulting yourself

Depending on which viper? Viper or viper++ no problem with them

I like all of you playing as each player has a style , but whenever you turn up you complain and cry like a baby about the LG and cry about everything that occurrs

But we still play with you....