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Annoying "mates"

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Annoying "mates"

Post by tar »

As if I would not have talked about that topic enough but now on top of that "respawn with almost the full team" comes another issue: "mates" shoot me on purpose because it's "fun" to interrupt me. The most recent one was ".Blade=Runner:)" (the one in yellow letters, not that annoying blue-letter-guy who always "coincidentally" is behind 2-6 mates). The demo attached he started with that bullshit at around 15:30 and became more and more annoying.
He was supported by "Back Quaking After 7 years" who told me "to fuck myself" in the last night after he "LOL"ed after every dead and my assumption he should work on his ping (see screenshot).
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Re: Annoying "mates"

Post by adminless »

first dude looks just like the typical random troll to me, I'll be wary of him. second dude, looks just the typical random retarded to me, he appears to be a bit better behaved than the other yet his chatting is definitively brain death and well annoying, I'll also be wary of him. as for his ping, there's no much to do about it, not only he is from the United Stated of America that he is even from central-central/west USA. his connection is quite capable actually but with a distance in excess of seven thousand kilometers from the server you definitively aren't going to do much better than those ~140 ms more or less.

bottom line, I'll take note of this and if they keep becoming annoying, I'll ban/chat-ban them. thanks for report.