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Re: [video] fau

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So it seems I was totally wrong on my sensitivity settings. I've measured it again after getting a new mouse and it's just 25cm/360 no accel. I don't remember having this high sens ever before, I think I settled with it only because q3 has larger hitbox than ql and you don't need to be as precise (also I use zoom for long range lg/rail).

I've played some ql recently and struggled to get my lg accuracy to a level I used to have in that game - now I realize the sens is too high for that.

Just writing it down in case someone took my settings as an advice.

Edit: And some obligatory videos to stay on topic.

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Re: [video] fau

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Dude zoom on long range rail , you manage to focus quick enough lol, I tried but just can't manage to get a key right to press and shoot