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writes about the game, because I have an impression that 80% of players probably have no idea what the unfreeze game is about?!?!?!
what is important?!?!?! use headphones !!
what is important?!?!?! use headphones !! look around

make sure the other team does not defrost?!?!?! Defrost yours when time allows it?!?!?! to camp a place?!?!?! do not walk without a goal?!? !!?!? strafe jump?!?!?! fast moving around the map?!?!?! are there many walkers?!?!?!

a lot of players are mostly bothered by the fact that they are firing grenade launchers wherever they are their team at the feet? !!?! do not walk one after the other because then you are an easy target

best to set your team's model on mynx yellow a enemy model tankj green and why!?! ??! because the sounds are different?!?!?!

I walk around the map alone because too many players without the need for noise shoot any place where ?! bouncing with a latet anywhere just like being an easy target?!?!?! later they cry with hax!?! ??!?! I go alone because I use very good headphones?!?!? I use in my team model mynx and enemy tankj because tankj is loud sounds are different and I do not have to see to get ready to shoot enough to hear!??!?!

and besides, I have changed the sound of the approach to thawing and a few other sounds, and what is the most important thing to have an understanding of where are they frozen from the enemy to watch?!?!?! do not chase the opponent best from a distance

I have an insight into how not who play with which tracks travel with whom I can afford an attack and on which I have to camp?!? !! ??

and finally to amdoro?!?!? stop shooting with this grenade launcher without any need because you are still bothering the player in the team because you shoot any where without a hint

proposes you play defrag learn how to strafe jump fast moving around the map and go quake3 on nightmare practice on dm17 alone against 3 bots at nightmare you will not learn otherwise

and if you want to see more, try the settings of r_singleshader 1 or vertex r_picmip 8 and all low detal cg_fov 125