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do you think that .WhoAmI?! cheats?

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I just don't know
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let's settle this with a duel against Miroslav
no, I think he is legit
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Re: WhoAmI?!

Post by alyeti »

DAN wrote:
Mon Oct 19, 2020 14:50
You may change to DAN if you know from where . And I don't agree with player moving to another team during a map play (especially when is 9-1 for us)
Sorry Dan , you the same Dan I fight against some weird hours of the morning and when you start losing you quit, the game altogether , and I am a noob lol


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Re: WhoAmI?!

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May I be an expert too? Pleaseee...I want to be in club, just dont know if in the 70% or 30% one...

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Re: WhoAmI?!

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@Dan an expert player, excuse me Dan but now I'm rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off :lol:

Dan you are ranked 158th today https://unfreeze.fpsclasico.de/playerst ... ayerID=dan

for your information I am ranked 40th today and I do not consider myself an expert or even a very good player, but as an average level player, and of course I do not cheat

all you have to do is train yourself to be better
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