OSP freezetag ?

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Re: OSP freezetag ?

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hi Adminless :wave:

:angel: As I know that you have nothing to do *, even that you are bored *, to occupy yourself * I started to constitute a small non-exhaustive list of the next world events that can pretend to a skin to be in the atmosphere 8-)

Mardi Gras
Chinese New Year
Valentine's Day
Saint Patrick
April 1st
Easter Monday
Music Festival
Saint Catherine
Saint Nicolas

Good luck, have fun

* it's a joke, I'm kidding :lol:
"My ability to concentrate is so short that ... Oh a butterfly !"

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Re: OSP freezetag ?

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@dr lol nah as far as I could see the only thing you missed was to move away the zzz-models.pk3 file to also get santa enemies instead of the usual "green pinkheads"

@imprecise lol luckily most of them are already gone this year haha