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remote mini workstation server for sell (25€-33$/month)

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remote mini workstation server for sell (25€-33$/month)

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so finally this month thanks to all the funds that were raised during the corona outbreak I was able to finally purchase a brand new 2020 server in a effort to provide a better and more adequate service, specially in the years to come. I'm currently working on the task of migrating this whole thing into this new machine (that will still take some time) but as this new machine largely (by something like a order of magnitude) exceeds what it's really gonna be needed here and as seeing that many of the regular funders are also, in one way or another, tech guys, I though that it would also be a good idea and of interest of some to do some quality reselling with this machine too. in addition to that, hopefully (if all goes good), this will help to better manage the new server costs and it should also lead to a higher quality final product.

check down bellow for the complete product description, I believe that you have pretty much anything there, so make sure to check that out before making any payment and, in case of any doubts, always contact me first about it as, unless extraordinaire circumstances, I won't do refunds (it should be pretty clear what you're purchasing). so that being said, in short, I just built a remote Windows/Linux mini workstation server bundled with a small dedicated physical GPU capable of for example playing YouTube or rendering 900p graphics as well as obviously serve any Windows/Linux application of your choice at a competitive/adjusted price. despite the fair specifications (more down bellow), this product doesn't meet the standard for a hd remote multimedia center or a remote gaming desktop, keep that in mind. this product should better fit people who is always on the move and needs a reliable remote workstation to centralize their work or just as a secure third-party admin backend, as well as obviously, as a quality server or a development box where to nourish your project without the hustle of having to deal with all the trouble and cost of installing them locally.

of course, I'm not gonna say that this is the best deal you can get on the market right now however given all the stuff that it packs as well as the overall setup/specifications I can say that it's a very competitive/adjusted offer price wise. quite frankly, it's a deal I would at least consider purchasing myself and that I definitively look forward to use until someone purchase it. initially I think that this should appeal most to those who regularly give money for the servers, I believe that it's a fair way to get something in return for your contributions, but it's not only limited to them. this is a public sale that anyone can get as long as they pay for it. ok, then the price given for the product described bellow is of 25 Euros per month, or 33 US Dollars per month if you prefer that currency, and the payments can be made through this page or in case that doesn't work for you, here in Euros (25 per month) or here in US Dollars (33 per month). just make sure to include the WK2020 tag on the transaction description (or similar) so I can identify it, or just contact me about it in case you missed it so I know.

as soon as I receive/notice your payment I'll send you to your registered paypal payment email address the server connection details, information and passwords and don't worry, I generally notice it within hours (as much) but in case I missed it or anything (afk/busy) the deal term won't start to count until I send such message. ok, and that's it, I hope this offer is on the interest of some, I definitely think that it adds great value to the project and it should help it run (i.e. finance) on the long term, so without further re-do here are the complete server specifications/description:
  • product name: 2020 remote mini workstation server
    • system: Fully Virtualized KVM UEFI Machine
    • CPU: 1 Dedicated AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Core (2 Dedicated 3600 MHz Threads, 32 KiB L1d, 32 KiB L1i, 512 KiB L2, 16 MiB L3)
    • GPU: 1 Dedicated ZOTAC GeForce GT 710 PCIe x1 (192:16:8 954 MHz core config)
    • memory: 10 GiB Fully Allocated
      • system: 9 GiB Fully Allocated (2667 MHz DDR4)
      • video: 1 GiB Fully Allocated (1600 MHz DDR3)
    • storage: 2x80 GB (backend NVMe/frontend Virtualized SATA SSD)
      1. Fedora Linux 32 (up-to 30/06/2020)
        1. 600 MiB EFI System Partition
        2. 1 GiB boot partition
        3. 72.91 GiB fedora_static volume group
          • 15 GiB root logical volume (10 GiB free after base system software installation)
          • 50 GiB home logical volume (pictures, downloads, documents ...)
          • 7.91 GiB unallocated fedora_static volume group space (encrypted volumes, backup, servers, other systems ...)
      2. Original Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 2004 (up-to 30/06/2020)
        1. 100 MiB EFI System Partition
        2. 16 MiB Microsoft Reserved Partition (dummy)
        3. 73.9 GiB NTFS Partition (51.9 GiB available once in-windows after base system installation)
        4. 513.0 MiB NTFS Partition (windows recovery environment)
    • NIC: Virtual Generic Intel PRO/1000 NIC
      • bandwidth: Unlimited Dedicated Symmetric 500/500 mbps (speedtest)
      • location: Nuernberg, Freistaat Bayern, Deutschland (AS24940)
      • addresses: 1xIPv4 1xIPv6 (rdns available)
    • access: full
      • Full VNC+VirtualGL+Remote Audio Desktop Access configured (linux only, requires client configuration)
      • Basic Free Server Panel configured (linux only, cockpit)
      • Full SSH Access configured (linux only)
      • Full Windows Remote Desktop Access configured (Windows Only)
    • uptime: 24/7 (automatic safe reboots scheduled at the first Monday of each month at 6:00)
    • delivery: immediate (as soon as I notice the payment)
    • other: free technical support/basic product advice and re-installation included
    • stock: Only 1 Unit Available
  • what's not included
    • a host backend panel (though you can just contact me for anything you may need) as well as any sort of SLA or insurance (this service is provided as-is and although I'll do my best to ensure it, I can not offer any warranties or compensations regarding any potential harm derived from any unintentional or accidental incident like, but not only limited to, data loss or loss of service for example among others. therefor it will be your sole responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure the robustness of your infrastructure, not mine)
    • high turmoil/questionable internet activities like, but not only limited to, adult/hate sites or torrrent servers for example among others are not allowed as well as obviously you're not permitted to use this service to break any laws or commit straight crime
    • server management (prices to determine depending on the task)
  • price: 25 €/Month or 33 $/Month
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