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Report: Jessica

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Report: Jessica

Post by AriannaGrande »

I would like to report player with nickname "Jessica" (and probably Lama) who is verbally abusing me whenever we are both on the server. 😩

The other day 2-3 weeks ago she (or rather he or it) was constantly shooting my back into enemies as a teammate to make me die. After asking why does she do that she was just replying with single swearwords + Ari. This is repeated every time and I find it offensive and unacceptable. Moreover she changes nicknames to "kick g*y ari" or so.. 🤷

It can be clearly seen on her nicknames history: ... ssi%5E3ca ... gay%20Ari ... diot%20Ari ... 0gay%20Ari

And a screenshot:

Mr admin, I hope you can take some steps towards a peaceful resolution of this situation. Thank you in advance 😊

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Re: Report: Jessica

Post by adminless »

yes it looks like that player already came out to me as picking on other ones and/or for another set of reasons. ok, I understand, I'll ban that player for a week or so then and I'll keep monitoring this. thanks for report.