"cg_truelightning" not working?

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The Undead

"cg_truelightning" not working?

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Hi there 8-)

I remarked (already since I play unfreeze) that "cg_truelightning" is not working.
In fact, if I try to put it "0" or "0.5", its always stuck at 1 in reality.
I tried to vid_restart but same story.
I was used to play values between 0.5 and 0.65 when I played my highest level of quake3 many years ago (which is not the case anymore, due to my 35 years old :lol: )

Any idea?
Many thanks in advance,

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Re: "cg_truelightning" not working?

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yes, that's correct server intended behavior as the server features unlagged code the right value for cg_truelightning on mods that make use of is 1.0. on unlagged mode there's no difference from when you see the lightning and where the server sees it when it does the actual hitscan (it compensates the latency) therefor other values (i.e. locally lag the animation when the hit is gonna get delaged) makes no sense. the hits are taking place on the server as you see them on your local client, consequently one becomes the right value for that cvar here.