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Add map

Post by ANIMAL666 »

Hello guys,hi adminless to ask to add maps for the server Unfreeze, always the same maps, I think adding 1 or 2 new maps brought a lot of emotions and positive :D thanks :thumbup:

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Re: Add map

Post by adminless »

of course done already just connect to ( / 2a02:7b40:50d0:e1ca::1) 24/7 or to or ( or / [2a01:4f8:a0:5363:85:10:197:108]:27963 or [2a03:4000:3f:1f4:5:181:48:249]:27963) the Fridays from 20:30 to midnight CEST and the Sundays from 19:30 to 22:30 CEST (i.e. in half a hour now approx) and you'll have a entire new set of the best custom maps ever to play at. have fun.