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Pick Up play on Glacius with locked teams

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Pick Up play on Glacius with locked teams

Post by d0csnyder »

Hi there. I just wanted to start a discussion about playing in the evenings on glacious with locked teams:

After a while Freeze starts to develop into pure FFA with 10 vs 10 - of course sometimes depending on the played map, but still it gets less and less competetive with more people and the possibility of random beginners and high pingers in the team. Back in the day people who wanted to play randomly but competetive played 5on5 in pickup style: 2 games, fixed teams, who are choosen by a teamleader from each team (usually the 2 strongest in the field) 1 by 1 ( like in the gym class in school). Each team chooses a map. no joining or leaving, no random disbalances. game starts when everybody is ready. rest of the ppl who join can just spectate till next pick up session. Of course voting and closed teams should be enabled on the server.
What do you guys think? Is this a possibilty and something to push and spread the word?



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Re: Pick Up play on Glacius with locked teams

Post by adminless »

well, that's how a popular public server is supposed to go, for competitive games you have the masters server. besides that, the only competitions I organize that might be of your interest are here, the inside (duel) tournaments/fights. as can be see there if in something like half a year we didn't even manage to make one single fight happen (i.e. just meet two single players for a organized competitive match at a given date), quite frankly, I find your expectation of meet 20 (or any other significant amount of competitive low latency players, i.e. just eight) at a given time and that they don't come in/out, completely detached from the reality of adulthood Quake III Arena gaming in 2020.

so that being said, my advice is that those that always talk about this kind of stuff should just simply go more into glacius rather than talk so much about it but never show up there and that way may be all that you're talking about should just happen without the burden of having to organize all that. I mean, despite the unanimous popular claim that glacius would unquestionably reduce UnFreeZe1/2 to a pile of junk in just bare minutes, at most, the reality is that it's been like year and the thing is completely death for a fact so I don't see any hordes of "randoms and high pingers" going there to crash the teams.

anyways, for the rest, as I said other times, feel free to use the forum (or any other means) to organize anything you want but you're own own, I won't get involved in any of that. other than that the UnFreeZe mod neither have callvote nor "locked" teams (in that sense), though I remark, it does have a functional well-proven auto team balance that provided you meet a significant amount of skilled players it should automatically deliver the kind of games you're talking about. as much if for whatever unforeseen situation random joiners become a problem I could simply password (lock) the entire server (i.e. switch it from a public server to a private one) for the meeting, though that would probably require that those players involved would be registered here (to receive the password).