hunk_alloc failed on 1953344

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hunk_alloc failed on 1953344

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how can i resolve this problem plz? it always kick me out of games cause of that?

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Re: hunk_alloc failed on 1953344

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as I told you on your previous thread here and on the mail to solve those issues first make sure to run the game from a clean installation. besides, that looks just like the typical error message of someone running the game with standard settings while having installed a ton of add-ons/customizations like models, soundpaks and all that kind of stuff, right? to solve that either uninstall such add-ons/customizations or simply raise your engine hunkmegs value to a sensible value with something like "\com_hunkmegs 256" for example and then restart your game. though I remark once again you won't experience any of those issues and you won't have to do anything else if you run a clean installation of the aforementioned package.

hope that helps.