Unofficial ioquake3 launcher for MAC osx ?

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Unofficial ioquake3 launcher for MAC osx ?

Post by Ornib »

I have a Linux PC and a MAC, for a few weeks I have tested the launcher "Ioquake3-intel.x86_64" which has improved performance. Is there a version planned for OSX?
Thank you for your reply :D

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Re: Unofficial ioquake3 launcher for MAC osx ?

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not really unfortunately, sorry about that. I know that I notably left mac users out of this but unfortunately I don't even have a mac myself to test it out so even if I would produce a mac version I couldn't even assure its functionality/debug it or basically just do anything about it. consequently it wouldn't make much sense and/or eventually will result in poor quality and/or support. yeah over the years, the past season, I looked into producing a mac version too (as well as for other systems) for the current release but unfortunately I didn't complete that task and I ended up abandoning it eventually (just as I got messed up in something else here). let's see if finally some day I can come up with some mac version unfortunately such day looks very far probably and like i said don't get your hopes very high about that anyways.

I believe that currently at the moment most of my work here has been of consolidation rather than grow up. I believe probably my current priorities are providing quality end user support and assure the quality and functioning of what this actually is rather than what it could be (but it's or it's still not) through this forum support as well as migrating a new web server I've been working on lately and maintenance/review tasks. after that, hopefully, I hope I can resume some client work/grow up tasks. unfortunately, like I said other times, though my intentions are good, it's not always possible to address absolutely everything.

anyways so far for mac I can suggest you two different external versions, first of all get the current UnFreeZe version,, and for the binary you can either have the official idSoftware binary, (very recommended), or eventually if you're not so satisfied with that and/or prefer to try modern community code you can have yourself a official ioQuake3 mac build, ioquake3 1.36.dmg (not so recommended but worth trying anyways), which at least I guess it should be tested and so.