Changing Enemy Colors

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Changing Enemy Colors

Post by serca »

Default enemycolor in Unfreeze is green. The problem is that i am not good at detecting green colors.

Tried to change it with cg_enemycolors, but that doesn't work.
The only thing that works is copying zz-osp-pak0.pk3 from osp mode, but i loose all the game interface and unfreeze logic: not able to detect if i got unfreezed.

So, is there an acceptable way to change the enemy model color?

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Re: Changing Enemy Colors

Post by adminless »

at the moment "\cg_forceskin 0" will disable enemy skins and will default them to the teams skins, which is yellow-cyan here. on the "near" future (I'm not committing to anything but may be on the next months) I may add that functionality to a coming version. hope that helps by now.