Autobalance - why are you so weird

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Re: Autobalance - why are you so weird

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Gotcha. Thanks.

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Re: Autobalance - why are you so weird

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adminless wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 17:10
yes very likely. the bots are more or less tuned for the average public random player skill level, or in other words, for them to be able to play the game but without being too "annoying" for anybody.
Admin dude just nudging this topic, is there a way to stop aut balance switching me more than twice? Some games I get switched three times or more

With client it's easy as enemy are green lol but sometimes it's unnecessary, my complaint is being switched more than twice



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Re: Autobalance - why are you so weird

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damn that's unfortunate, sorry about that, but currently that's the best the auto balance can do so far though I'd try to take it in account somehow. unlucky, thanks for feedback.