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small and large problems

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small and large problems

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hello, I wanted to write about it some time ago, it's about the connection penalties for those who come in and keep coming out and in a moment they are reuniting to the game, that's why every moment the balance of the game gets done, I think that 2min would be a good solution, they would think twice if it's worth to leave the game if they have to wait for the game to reconnect, it has become cumbersome, so to make server pure is the only medicine for cheaters, I think it's worth thinking about finding a solution in front of all present wl, the problem has already reached up to the quake champion, so often go out the new update come, I think that it's hard to master, it's also important that you do not have to do anything with Sager, you could leave it without any fixes, many people and it would be good so that people will be interested in some voluntary payment, it is known that something would work to devote time to it

I probably made a lot of errors but I'm using google translator: D

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Re: small and large problems

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yes I know but unfortunately that's how top public servers work, people connect/disconnect almost at random all the time (hence why there's the auto-balance thing), and there's no much to do about it. there's currently a timeout of slightly over a minute to reconnect which to be honest it's pretty high already (average frozen time is in the order of 20 secs approx, that time out is three times that approx) and any higher would be overkill. think that many can also connect/disconnect for legit reasons, like network issues, wrong ip, wrong game installation and more and add something like a 2 minutes penalty there is totally overkill.

about the pure thing it's a bit of the same, well first of all the pure code is nothing but a very basic (almost trivial) protection that virtually everybody could skip if they really want to (at least I could do that myself in like five mins) and serious cheaters don't even rely on it so in this case is not even that the cons far outweigh the benefits is that there's almost no benefits with that. the only thing that the pure code would do it would be take away from the people the freedom of running their own mods, files and customizations and force everybody instead to experience the game the way I, you or just the community accepted that it should be played and that's no good at all. now whether those customizations can give a fair or not advantage in-game as to be considered "cheating" it can be considered a subject of discussion but overall in general the advantage over some installations or another is more a personal matter than anything else. but anyways, whatever the case is one thing is clear install one's own custom crosshair, model or textures and stuff like that has always been accepted and definitively it will always be no matter what, I will not take away that from the players, there's nothing wrong with that. now, one thing I had done about this subject was to add a pure files database (that unpure client detected warning many almost most typically get at the server) with almost all well know public files (trust me) but unfortunately it was proven unsuccessful in the long run. initially I meant to cover around 90% or so of the player and then lock the server to those files but like I said after several efforts I never really got past a 50%-55% of the players which is obviously a too low value thus although I still run it for debugging/trust purposes I ended up by dropping it mostly.

I didn't really understand very good the thing about the Quake Champions/updates thing and that kind of stuff but what you talking about there looks to me like the typical "pay2win" model that the video game industry has adopted in recent time that it sucks big time. believe it or not one of the reasons why I started to run servers and I keep running them is not only technical but also to add up something positive to the community/internet. when I look at other communities or at other games or even at most popular internet platforms, I don't really like what I see, so it's not on my intention to "copy" or imitate other sites, trust me on that. I know I could probably make some cash selling some server slots or selling temporal power up boosts or selling some weapons but that's not the way I want to run this. overall I just have the intention to maintain this relevant and true to itself as how it was original conceived and how it was when we all had fun. despite that I'm also aware that running this have some costs but I find a much better option to have a paypal for that (check thread here in case you don't know) so whoever wants (or can) can chose to support running this. I still have to make and update on that but overall I have to say that I'm satisfied so far on how it's making.

ok, I think that's all and sorry for late response, I started to write this the other day but then we got into the tournament thing while I had to deal with some on-going network traffic issues, later a bunch of issues at the forum came up, today I was pushing an update for it and I also had other stuff to do and so on.