Quake 3 Networking Primer
A Solution
The Problems
The Solution
Another Problem
A Free Solution (or two)
The Code
Code Walk-throughs
Backward Reconciliation
Attack Prediction
Lag-compensated Grappling Hook
Skip Correction
Projectile Nudge / Early Transitioning of Missile Entities
Extrapolating with cl_timenudge
Player Prediction Optimization
True Ping / Lag Simulation
What Next?
Test, Test, Test!
Possible Extensions
Frequently-asked Questions
How does Unlagged work?
How high can I ping?
What's built-in lag?
What's cl_timenudge?
Does cl_timenudge make you look jerky to other players?
I just got shot around a corner!
False hits and false misses?
Does Unlagged give high pingers the advantage?
Doesn't Unlagged screw up the weapon balance?
Why do the rail shots look totally off when I spectate?
What's cg_projectileNudge?
What's skip correction?
What are the phone jacks above players' heads?
What's “true ping?”
Is setting sv_fps higher than 20 still recommended?